Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cindy Sheehan Qualifies For Ballot Against Pelosi

I'm not sure if I'm done laughing at this woman yet or not, but if nothing else she's certainly a gift that keeps on giving.

"The next part is going to be exciting," she said. "I want at least one debate with all four candidates so that Nancy Pelosi has to answer for her record."

In case you don't get it, Sheehan is attacking Pelosi from the left. Pelosi isn't nutjob enough to satisfy Sheehan and her followers.

She's not going to beat Pelosi, but it might be an entertaining spectacle to watch.


Danny Vice said...

It's amazing liberals would encourage this. Having her as the face of the Democratic party just further identifies it as the loony left, wild eyed, America bashing party the MoveOn.orgers want to turn it into.

Now that she intends to be a candidate instead of a "mother martyr", she can be held FULLY accountable for the hate America blather she's been spewing.

Perhaps her and Michelle Obama could compare notes and talk in stereo. That'll be great for Dems.

Liberals control congress now, so she'll have to figure out another way to blame conservatives for all life's troubles.... but I'm confident, she'll have no problem with the blame part.

Sheehan has no ideas? Give me a break. There's a big difference between a new idea and just insulting everyone on a daily basis. Anyone can insult a political party - there's plenty of opportunities on both sides.

What Sheehan does is trash her country non-stop, regardless of who's in office... Regardless of the fact that Dems control congress...

She won't stop moaning and griping until everyone is nestled around a fire, singing Kumbaya. Since THAT isn't going to happen, then what possible good could she do for Dems besides humiliate them like Edwards did this week.

Perhaps she could yipe about "blood for oil" again... considering we've shed plenty of blood and have been shafted on the $4 Gas part. Who knows.

Her district may be rabidly liberal - but even a liberal has to pick and choose what poison to use in the political world - and what clown they want lead their parade.

Danny Vice

allen (in Michigan) said...

This is just another publicity stunt. However Pelosi may have soiled her lefty credentials Sheehan's just a headline-grabber with zero issues other then Iraq and that's going away. By the time November 7 rolls around Sheehan might as well be running on her opposition to the Vietnam war.

rightwingprof said...

I'm seriously considering sending Sheehan money for her campaign. Maybe Rush should encourage conservatives in the district to vote for Sheehan.

Darren said...

Save your money, unless you just want to spend it for the entertainment value.