Friday, July 04, 2008

Worried About Anthropogenic Global Warming?

Then give up your flat-screen tv.

Now we'll see who's serious :-)

Have a happy 4th of July.

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Ellen K said...

Haven't you figured it out yet. It's not about "them" giving up stuff. "They" are morally superior and deserve the perq's of their position. Thus, it's important that they drive several large gas guzzling cars, have flat screens in every room and fly private jets for press junkets. "You" on the other hand, meaning those of us lowly unwashed and uncool people, are supposed to willingly give up the trappings of modern life. "We the people" are supposed to eschew dryers for clotheslines, cars for bikes and air conditioning for circa 1928 fans. Now if "we the people" were cooler and more with it, we would be gifted with benefits. But should "we the people" cross "them" we will be punished. This is what is happening now with Congress' reluctance to drill our own oil, use our own coal and get free of the economic tyranny of the Middle East.