Friday, July 25, 2008

Required Morning Calisthenics Are Next

The nanny state gets a little nannier:

California will be the first state to ban trans fats in restaurants and bakeries under legislation signed today by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The measure requires restaurants to quit using trans fats by January 2010, and for bakeries to follow suit one year later.

"Consuming trans fat is linked to coronary heart disease, and today we are taking a strong step toward creating a healthier future for California," Schwarzenegger said in a written statement.

The legislation, Assembly Bill 97, was proposed by Democratic Assemblyman Tony Mendoza of Artesia and opposed by most Republicans.

Notice which political party fought to allow Californians to make their own choices, free from government interference. Note also why Schwarzenegger is referred to as a RINO--Republican in name only.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with banning it? o.0

Darren said...

Nothing, if you believe in total government power. I expect that coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and profits will be next on the list.

Oh, and blogging.

Eric W. said...

If Arnie wasn't a RINO, he'd be a DINO. Today's political climate doesn't leave much room for moderates, which I why I plan to register independent when I turn 18. I won't want to be associated with either party. I prefer to elect candidates, not a puppet for the party to gain more power.

Anna said...

Eric W.

Some gentle words of advice, from a much battered voter. Since the primary elections are the ones that have greater power to choose the men and women running in November, your vote (and if you can ) your activity in party work will give you more power to get a candidate you can support.

Ellen K said...

I really don't see anything wrong with calisthenics for school kids. Our teachers went outside with us and led us in jumping jacks and toe touches and such. Then we got to play kickball or baseball or volleyball or tetherball. But that was back when schools allowed kids to have recess. Now they may have PE a couple of times a week, but never ever recess. And we wonder why our kids are fat.

Darren said...

I was implying that the calisthenics will be required for everyone, a la, 1984.

Eric W. said...

Anna: You're making the assumption that anyone who makes it to the primaries is any good.

Ellen K said...

Darren: On this one, I can't agree. We were all required to do exercises for 15 minutes before we could go and pick from a variety of activities which included kickball (my favorite), dodgeball (now banned), baseball, touch football, tag (also banned) or playing on swings, monkey bars or seesaws (also banned as dangerous) Go by most schools and you will see a huge plastic monstrosity that offers very little that is fun and accommodates only a small number of kids. That is, if they still allow playgrounds. There are many districts that have eliminated recess as unnecessary. So we have kids who have no way to release anxiety or energy and they get labeled as ADD. Nice way to build a clientele for Big Pharma.

Anna said...


The only assumption that I make about politicians is that they are politicians and are not to be trusted very far. (About as far as a 100 lb. woman can throw a Hummer) BUT, you do have your best chance of making a difference on the lower levels.