Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Reprisals Begin

"You didn't support Obama."

Brooklyn’s 10th Congressional District, home to more African-Americans than any other in New York, gave Senator Barack Obama his highest margin of victory in the state. But the district’s longtime congressman, Edolphus Towns, did not share his constituency’s preference for Mr. Obama. Now some of those voters are pushing to oust him...

Patrice C. Queen, a freelance writer from East New York, Brooklyn, and a volunteer for Mr. Powell’s campaign, was especially upset that Mr. Towns had continued to back Mrs. Clinton even after her supporters made what she said were racially charged comments about Mr. Obama.

To her, the reason black leaders like Mr. Towns stuck with Mrs. Clinton was obvious. “Racial self-hatred,” said Ms. Queen, who is black. “It was as if they were saying: ‘We people of color are not ready yet. We’re not ready to be in the White House.’ Self-hatred does that to you.”

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Ellen K said...

I predict that this will be the most vindictive and divisive campaign in our history. I further contend that within the Democrat party, an unwillingness to fall in lockstep with the Obama bandwagon will be seen as treason and individuals will be unceremoniously dumped out of the corps. During the election, officials with agendas will look the other way at election fraud and if the Chosen One isn't elected, there will be rioting in the streets. I realize this is a pretty dark scenario, but that seems to be the way some people want it. They don't want to allow people to have different opinions. They don't want people to have lifestyles that don't have the politically correct code of ethics foisted upon them. In short, this is fascism of a liberal shade of red. Just the actions of Soros and Moveon.org to censor independent blogs that oppose 'the Candidate of Choice and Change' shows how far they are willing to erode personal freedoms to get their way.