Monday, July 07, 2008

My Heart Is American, My Soul Is British

I often say that; it expresses my love for my country and my reverence for the island that was home to my forefathers.

Here's an interesting British view on the 4th of July, one that I find exceedingly satisfying:

We call them Americans now, but at the time they were Brits in America, fighting for their rights. Many people in Britain supported them. They shared a radical idea...

As I head out to a parade and fireworks, I hope the Fourth is forever a day of celebration for a country and for an idea, the radical idea established by Brits in Britain and America that NO GOVERNMENT ON EARTH GIVES US OUR RIGHTS. OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ARE OURS. WE WERE ENDOWED WITH THEM FROM BIRTH. GOVERNMENT EXISTS ONLY TO PROTECT THEM.

My heart is American, my soul is British.

Sadly, socialism is changing what it means to be British. When my son is my age, will he be able to feel as I do now?


gbradley said...

Why is it that I seem to relate with folks from the U.K.?
Probably the common language?
My forefathers were from the other Island west of England though.

Ellen K said...

Brits have a more educated sense of humor and they value intellectual pursuits. We value football and know more about celebrities than we do about political candidates.