Thursday, July 24, 2008

My First YouTube Video

It's a two-parter showing several veterans monuments here in Sacramento--California wasn't always so anti-military. If you watch them at the YouTube site, be sure to watch them in high video quality (the option is available in the rating box immediately under the video).

I give myself a C or C+ for this video. The choice of music is good, the videography needs improvement. And it looks much better on tv via DVD than it does on YouTube, even in high quality mode.


Law and Order Teacher said...

I think you did a nice job. I got what you were trying to get. The music was excellent. If I could give you a suggestion, check out John Williams. Great composer, although you can't go wrong with Copeland. From one Veteran to another, thanks. Well done. When we come back I'll go see the memorials.

Darren said...


All the monuments are within a couple blocks of each other.

And John Williams, that name sounds familiar. Star Wars?