Monday, July 14, 2008

Stripping For Ibuprofin

Joanne has the story of a 13-year-old girl who was essentially strip-searched at school by school authorities looking for contraband ibuprofin. They didn't find any on her, and an appeals court has ruled 6-5 that her rights had been violated.

6-5. That means 5 judges thought it just dandy not only to have a completely stupid rule about painkillers, but to have a girl be required to undress in some dramatic search for painkillers. If those five judges are trying to generate total contempt for the law and for the legal process, they could hardly have chosen a better hill on which to plant their flag.

Joanne comments:

The eighth-grade girl was an honor student who’d never been in trouble. Of course, that doesn’t mean she never takes ibuprofen for her period. Most girls that age take something.

Nope. They should just suffer. If Eve hadn't convinced Adam to eat from that apple, women wouldn't have to worry about such issues anyway.

The idiocy astounds.


Eric W. said...

I thought the reason we couldn't bring some tylenol if we get headaches was because ecstasy dealers make their pills look like brand name drugs, not because there was anything wrong with ibuprofin or acetomenophen themselves.

Darren said...

As you know, I'm no fan of illicit drugs. But I don't think we should go excessively nuts over them, either.

I'm told that the reason students can't use their phones at all during the school day is because people could easily coordinate drug deals using phones. That reason is not sufficient for me.

MikeAT said...


I was reviewing policies for strip and body cavity searches (my rookie gets it from me tomorrow). To quote my department's General Orders

"Strip searches may be conducted only after an arrest when there is reasonable suspicion a suspect is concealing weapons, contraband, or evidence that may not be detected or recovered by the usual search technique. Permission to perform a strip search will be obtained from a supervisor prior to the search. “

I wonder, did this mean evidence of a headache! And what the hell gives this nurse authority to order any search for anything.

I pray this nurse and the admin of this school are looking for a job soon, although I have my doubts….


Carson said...

I wonder what would have happend to me at that school when I took oxycotton for my broken ribs, If theyre willing strip search for Advil.......