Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gay Marriage Pins at the NEA Representative Assembly

I don't know if this is the exact pin given to attendees at the NEA Rep Assembly earlier this month (discussed here), but sometimes it helps to have a visual cue.

The message is "Gay marriage causes global warming only because we are so hot!"

What exactly are they saying here? Since no one except Greenlanders wants global warming, is this some kind of homophobic, anti-gay-marriage pin?

I don't get it. Seems stupid to me.


Dr Pezz said...

I was at the NEA convention and the NEA did not endorse these buttons or the other slogans you mentioned. Those were sold at booths outside of the convention floor; they had to be purchased by individual members. Other booths included the Creation Museum and some right-wing affiliates as well.

One member suggested removing the Creation Museum booth (on the basis of science vs. religion), but the assembly and the board overwhelmingly disagreed, free speech and all.

Darren said...

Now we have conflicting information. I would genuinely like to believe that you are correct, but NEA history leaves room for doubt.

I'm glad to know it's possible, though, that these weren't officially sanctioned.

Dr Pezz said...

They were on sale. No question. I walked past the booth.