Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can They Do Anything Right In The Seattle School District?

I've written about jaw-dropping happenings in Seattle Public Schools before (here, here, here, and here, for starters). I don't know, maybe it's the rain up there, maybe it turns people's heads to mush. Or maybe the people who run the schools up there are just extraordinarily good at being idiots.

Annika and Nicole Jewett are twins who live in the same house, their beds just two feet apart. Their mother never dreamed they'd be assigned to different schools for kindergarten this fall.

Stephanie Jewett listed the same three schools in the same order on each girl's application. Made a note that the girls are twins, and told the enrollment staff the same thing.

When Annika was assigned to Bryant Elementary, and Nicole to Wedgwood, Jewett initially thought it was a mistake.

It wasn't.

In one of the stranger quirks in the Seattle School District's convoluted student-assignment system, twins can be assigned to different schools, despite the district's policy to keep siblings together.

Hat tip to NewsAlert.


Ellen K said...

I think I would seek out a private school because these official obviously don't use too much common sense.

allen (in Michigan) said...

They don't have to use much common sense and don't get much encouragement to do so.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Maybe it was a diversity thing. You know, kids need to be exposed to other cultures, like twinism.

angryimmigrant said...

It shows the that the administrators are truly invertebrate.

Or, alternately, the Jewetts should invest in a bunk bed so the girls are both in the same school boundary...


Ellen K said...

Let me guess, were these girls melanin deficient? I know in some districts the need to make sure that the melanin deficient students are present to balance the karma of the class.

Anonymous said...

From the photo accompanying the article, the twins appear to be melanin deficient.

However, I suspect that the local school district's computer program just has a bug (or maybe twins are not recognized as siblings? Another kind of bug).

-Mark Roulo

Mr. W said...

Or, alternately, the Jewetts should invest in a bunk bed so the girls are both in the same school boundary...

classic comment.

that's just messed up. How do they justify that? These people need to go on Fox News or something like that to show how stupid this is.