Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Socialized Medicine

An interesting 7+ minute video about some incidents in Canadian health care. Yes, they're only anecdotal, but they occur in the socialist health care utopia of Canada. In addition to the Canadian example, Kerplunk speaks truth to power:

Milton Friedman got it absolutely right when he said that whenever the government funds something the cost goes up.

Are there any examples where this isn't true? How is it that, given all the examples from history and today, people still pursue the clearly discredited concept of socialism?

Update, 7/6/07: Here's another film from the same writer/director.


Anonymous said...

Please apologize for the reality of the post office sending my first-class mail cheaper than any alternative method. And please limit your response to my direct cost. What is it these days? Forty-one cents? What can Brown do for me at that rate?

Darren said...

"Please limit your response in such a way that there can be no response."

By your question, are you suggesting that your out-of-pocket costs are all that matter, or are all that you truly pay? By that metric, social security for baby boomers is a wonderful idea!

Darren said...

Have you read the new rules for first class postage? I will no longer be able to file my income tax returns for ordinary first class rates, now 41 cents.

In the past, I'd have agreed with you about the USPS. Now, I'm not so sure.

Darren said...

I've thought more about this. I don't think private companies are allowed, by law, to deliver mail.

If they were, I'm sure Wal*Mail wouldn't cost 41 cents.

Chanman said...

By law (read: government edict), only the USPS can deliver first class mail. That would be letters in envelopes that weigh 11 ounces or less.

I worked in an Army post office; God help me that I actually know this stuff.

So UPS and FedEx is not allowed to compete for first class mail delivery. If they were allowed, I am sure that people would start going to them like they do for parcel delivery.

Jack Lacton said...

Hi Darren and all,

Anonymous misses the point that 41 cents does not reflect the real cost of sending the mail. US taxpayers subsidise it heavily. If the postal service closed down, people got their tax money back and then sent first class mail via UPS, Fedex etc then they'd have more money in their pockets in the end of the year than they do now.

As PJ O'Rourke says, "If you think health care is expensive now then wait until it's free."

Spot on, that.