Saturday, June 09, 2007

Giving Booze To Students

In my day, we had to sneak booze to school--not that I'd know, but I'm darn sure they didn't serve it to us.

Officials in Ohio said they'll investigate reports that students at a charter school were served gin at their sixth-grade graduation...

A school official said the ritual -- meant to teach honesty -- is similar to an African rite of passage. He reports the kids spit out the gin.

The school, which supposedly emphasizes African history and culture, has said it will do away with the gin next year.

Serving gin to 12-year-olds? No wonder it takes a village to raise a child in Africa!

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Mike said...

Hmmm. I know Ohio is a bit odd in some ways, but isn't giving alcohol to minors illegal there as it is in every other state? I'd also be curious to know which African culture has as part of its cultural heritage the distillation and consumption of gin.