Thursday, June 28, 2007

Feinstein and the Fairness Doctrine

I'd like to think that Democrats bring up the so-called Fairness Doctrine only to scare us conservatives, who then spend our time and money to prevent its reappearance--a reappearance the libs don't intend, anyway. I'd like to believe it's a political feint.

But Feinstein's rather intelligent. I don't agree with her a lot, but I can respect her. If she's talking like this, maybe there's something to worry about.

And yes, I do believe any so-called Fairness Doctrine would clearly be a violation of the 1st Amendment and would be struck down rather quickly and strongly. That doesn't mean we should tolerate its existence, even for a little while, though.

Apparently, though, not all Democrats are stupid enough to tout something so clearly unconstitutional.


Ellen K said...

How else is Al Franken going to have a regular job?

Darren said...

Isn't he running for the Senate?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I would normally say he has a snowball's chance. But he is running Minnesota. They will elect the strangest people imaginable. Keith Ellison is a joke. Coleman, Durenberger are somewhat normal. Very strange state so I wouldn't count Stuart Smalley out.

Ellen K said...

Because he's nice enough, and smart enough and doggone it,people like him?