Saturday, June 16, 2007

Don't You Love Lefties?

Left-wing actress Angelina Jolie has refused to allow Fox News in on her press coverage. But in one of the more unsavory and perverted travesties to come out of Hollywood in recent memory, her new film on the Islamist murder of Daniel Pearl will be screened next Thursday in Los Angeles—in an event sponsored by unindicted Hamas co-conspirators CAIR, and supported by Cafe Intifada and several other far-left groups.

Do you know the title of the song that was played at the British surrender at Yorktown? It should be played here.

Update: Here's what biased, vile, blah blah blah FoxNews has to say on the topic:

And it wasn’t just about FOX News getting banned from the red carpet. That was bad, but it wasn’t the central issue. Jolie treats all the press with hostility unless she can control the outcome of an interaction. Insisting interviewers sign contracts was an affront, considering that her movie is about the murder of a reporter who tried bravely to do his job. And then to pretend empathy by raising money at the movie for Reporters Without Borders. The hypocrisy and arrogance were overwhelming.

Hypocrisy? On the left? Pshaw!


rightwingprof said...

She's gotten nuttier and nuttier over the years. I wonder how her father feels about all this? He's a Republican, you know.

Rhymes With Right said...

I know! I know!

The World Turned upside Down.

And i didn't even have to google it.

Mike said...

Contrast this with Tom Selleck, who, a number of years back on the Tonight Show (if memory serves--I did see the segment) was asked about politics. He responded, in essence, that his job was to be the best actor he could be in whichever role he was performing. Considering that, he couldn't imagine why anyone would want to hear anything he had to say about politics.

That, gentlemen and ladies, is class, and that's why I'll buy anything in which he appears.

David said...

You know, if they really *did* play "The World Turned Upside Down" at Yorktown, then it shows considerable savoir faire on the part of Cornwallis...or whoever ordered it to be played.