Friday, June 08, 2007

CTA and the No Child Left Behind Act

I received an email blast from the California Teachers Association today. They either haven't figured out that I'm not a member, or they get email addresses from any school district who will give them out.

As we reported earlier, several key leaders in Congress like the No Child Left Behind Act so much that they want to "fast track" its reauthorization with few, if any, significant changes. As practitioners, we know that this cannot be allowed. (emphasis mine--Darren) While the Act may have some good points, and many admirable goals, there is much needed change. Your letters, postcards and calls to members of Congress have worked well to delay its "fast track" toward careless reauthorization.

Now it's time to let House Speaker Nancy Pelosi know what you think about NCLB.

Actually, I think I just might do that--but I doubt that's the effect CTA wanted by sending me this email. But a couple sentences later comes this doozy:

We are also asking that you not mail your letter directly to Speaker Pelosi, but that you send it to our local CTA Political Action that she may time delivery of your message to have the greatest effect.

I so despise these people, yet they're entitled to my money by state law.


KauaiMark said...

" that she may time delivery of your message to have the greatest effect"

Probably more like:

" that she may have time to edit, censor or delete your message to have the greatest effect"


Obviously one of the NEA's 1800 member UniServe bargaining agents.

Oh...don't you know about them???

They are political partisans. The heartbeats of the 800-pound gorilla - the NEA.