Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Domino Falls

First there was Antioch College. Now there's Gallaudet. They're not closing yet, but one can always hope.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The only liberal arts university for the deaf in the U.S. has been put on probation by its accrediting agency, signaling the campus continues to face problems months after protests last year shut down the school for days.

I've written about Gallaudet before, and not very favorably.


Erica said...

I think that's a real shame. Gallaudet provided an important service for the Deaf community, it is really too bad that they let their standard slip so horribly.

I know a number of "old school" Gallaudet graduates who received an excellent education there, and are very saddened by the current state of affairs.

Darren said...

Do alumni have any pull with that university?