Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Protests, Part 2

Yeah, what I wrote last year.

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Ellen K said...

The local LULAC and friends managed to finagle a slot between the installation of a new Bishop to march from the cathedral to the Little Mexico enclaves south of downtown Dallas. Their numbers were not as many as last year, mostly because school administrators made it perfectly clear of the consequences. Last year became a freeforall, with underaged kids heading for downtown with or without their parents knowledge. They were very lucky someone didn't get seriously hurt. As it was, it created havoc and the appearance of a massive group in support. What was the one drawback? Very very few of the marchers could qualify to vote. Personally, I want to be a poll watcher for the next election and I want everyone to verify their identity. If you can't do it, you don't vote. And spare me the "picking on the seniors and poor" nonsense because if they get a Medicare check or a welfare check, they have to prove their identity. This is all about trying to allow illegal immigrants to vote. And if that happens, then it's all over.