Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Teachers Unions Sure Don't Like Diversity of Thought

How often are we told that teachers unions represent all the best points of democratic ideals--and how often is that a lie? Here you can watch with your own eyes the mature manner with which California Teachers Association members react when someone says something with which they disagree.

And here you can read about what happens to a former Teacher of the Year who dares even question whether signing a petition against the No Child Left Behind Act is a good move.

"My state union, the Michigan Education Association, called to tell me that I will not be allowed to present at workshops and conferences in the future (something I've been doing for a decade). I am officially persona non grata with the MEA. At the moment, I am feeling pretty brave and bold."

Are you union members proud?


Unknown said...

I gave up on the unions such a long time ago. I do believe it was my first year when they neglected to support me after being threatened by a student in class. Ya...I've no use for em and their pandering ways.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I was kind of dumbfounded by the conduct of these union members. My guess is they would not have tolerated such juvenile behavior from any of their students. The looks on the faces of the two guys directly behind the speakers was particularly irritating. When I was a cop I was confronted by the same kind of behavior by KKK and counter-KKK demonstrators as we risked our safety trying to keep the two groups apart. It was really distressing to see these unionistas allowing themselves to be used by the union leadership. In my opinion, the national and state unions have gone far beyond being an advocacy group for teachers. It is now nothing more than a teacher-financed, self-perpetuating, group of thugs who tolerate no diversity of opinion. They demand absolute obedience to the party(oops union)line. The NEA is nothing more than a well-financed arm of the Democrat Party. If you don't agree with them "Shame on you!"