Friday, June 04, 2010

Among My Favorite Traditions

I have a couple of traditions in my classroom, and one of them started up again today. Each year, after the seniors take their final exams in my class (and I won't see them again), I let them line up at the door ahead of the underclassmen. When the bell rings and they leave, it's time for "Hugs Or Handshakes".

Earlier this week I went to dinner with some of my current and former seniors as well as my French foreign exchange student. It's enjoyable to spend time with seniors outside of the classroom environment, to see them as up-and-coming-adults instead of as students.

Graduation season is among my favorite times of the year, and not just because I'll soon get 9 or 10 weeks off.


Ellen K said...

I play music in my class as students work. I have used many of the same CD's for a long time and repeat students become familiar with them. Some are jazz, some are classic rock, some are classical. I burn a cd to give them. And I usually go to Duncan donuts and get a five dollar gift card. It's not much, but they seem to appreciate it. I also have everyone in their class sign a card. It's really very touching. Plus since they are no longer students, they can seek my facebook page and I won't ignore them....

The Navy Christian said...

Darren, these are great traditions. I'm in the process of becoming a teacher, and I definitely plan now to do some kind of coming of age tradition in my future classroom. Maybe even in the classrooms I will be over while a Navy instructor. We'll see. Either way, thanks for the ideas!