Sunday, January 23, 2005

Letter to the CTA

After reading the article in the link, I sent the following letter to the California Teachers Association. The curt reply I got was, essentially, "Yeah, right."


"California Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer said Monday that school districts have no right telling parents their children are leaving campus to receive confidential medical treatment."

"In his opinion, the attorney general said schools must “notify both students and their parents that students are allowed to be excused from school for confidential medical appointments without parental consent.” Lockyer went on to say that any school district that does not comply would 'undermine the purposes and intent of the medical emancipation statutes.'"

Here is an issue for CTA to stand up against. Either we believe that parents are responsible for their children, or the state is. There is no middle ground here.

CTA *must* take a stand and have this law overturned, putting decisions about minors back in the hands of parents. It amazes me that school officials cannot give an aspirin to a student for fear of lawsuit, but can allow a student to leave campus to, among other things, get an abortion.


EdWonk said...

Hey Darren,

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I too have written on Barbara Kerr. But CTA has all the problems that the NEA also has.

I teach down here in the Imperial Valley. :)

EdWonk said...

I linked this post to one of mine called "Union Nonsense: A California Teacher's Viewpoint." It can be seen here:

Darren said...

Edwonk: welcome to my blog! And thank you for the link to this post.