Tuesday, July 03, 2018

I Love A Story With A Happy Ending

Not that kind of happy ending, you pervert, this kind:
A Thai youth soccer team and its coach were found alive Monday in a vast, flooded cave complex where they disappeared more than a week ago, and a photo taken by rescuers showed the smiling faces of several survivors.

Video released early Tuesday by the Thai navy showed the boys in their soccer uniforms sitting on a dry area inside the cave above the water as a spotlight, apparently from a rescuer, illuminated their faces.


Pseudotsuga said...

It's difficult to imagine what it would be like, sitting in the dark, for 10 days, wondering what will happen...
Good thing they had water available.

Mrs. Widget said...

I told my husband of this happy news.

Happier still will be when they are rescued.

Ellen K said...

I wonder if American kids would've survived? Given the culture and the way we safety net them through young adulthood, I'm not sure. I was very happy to hear they were out. That's a movie to be made for sure.