Monday, March 20, 2017

No Test Grade Yet From Last Thursday's Test

Still standing by, anxious as heck.

If nothing else, I'm sure I did better than the flunking grade I received on the homework assignment that was associated with the test.  Need a high test grade to balance out that low grade.

We shall see....


Auntie Ann said...

As a teacher, what's your general opinion on grading homework?

Should it be a place to give it a try, be okay with getting it wrong, and learn from your mistakes?

Or should it be like quiz, where mistakes matter?

I go back and forth between the two, but think the former would be better for my kid than the latter.

Darren said...

This post was about the class I'm taking in a master's program. My grade is based on 4 homework sets and 4 tests. It's my instructor's option to base grades however he wants, and since we're all consenting adults, grading homework seems reasonable.

As a teacher, though, I give students credit if they did or attempted a homework assignment, whether or not they got the problems correct. The first thing we do in each class period is go over yesterday's homework so students get immediate feedback on their performance and can ask for clarification if there was something they didn't understand. In my high school classes I consider homework to be a student's opportunity to learn the material, and tests and quizzes and projects and the like are their opportunities to demonstrate mastery. Also, I count homework as only 10% of a student's grade.