Friday, November 11, 2016

Yet Another Post On How The Outcome Of This Election Spotlights What's Wrong On So Many University Campuses

The following is true:
A bunch of InstaPundit readers who are students or faculty at various universities have been forwarding me emails about dealing with the “shock” “fear” and “dismay” that people on their campuses are supposed to be feeling. These emails generally either come from, or are copied to, the school’s “Office of Diversity and Inclusion” or some such. Yet the notion that a candidate supported by a big electoral majority is somehow beyond the pale — so much so that merely contemplating the election results is psychological trauma — is itself a slap in the face at the notion of diversity and, of course, a way of excluding the (many) students at these institutions who supported Trump from the university community. This should be a wakeup call for higher education, but I predict that the snooze button will be hit again.
I got not one but two such emails at my University of Idaho account this week.

I was a student there 4 years ago, too.  I don't remember getting any "now, now dear" emails then after Obama's victory, but I guess it could have happened.  I wonder how many universities did offer such "help" to people who should act like adults, 4 years ago?  8 years ago?  My guess, with no data to back me up, is not near as many as there are this year.

University students:  if you want your university to act like your mommy, perhaps we really do need to return to the days of in loco parentis.  Lefties fought against that concept in the 60s, and they fought for free speech, too.  Funny how lefties have reversed course on both these days.

But wait, there's more:
So, Donald Trump won the presidential election, and colleges and universities around the country are predictably canceling classes and exams because students are predictably too devastated to be able to do their schoolwork.

It’s everywhere. A professor at University of Michigan postponed an exam after too many students complained about their “very serious” stress. Columbia University postponed midterms, a Yale University professor made an exam optional, a University of Iowa professor canceled classes and a University of Connecticut professor excused class absences — all because their students just absolutely could not function knowing that they’d have to live in a country where their president would not be the president that they wanted. And it’s not even just the students — a University of Rochester professor canceled all of his meetings with students the day after the election because he decided he just could not bear to talk about it with them.

Reading all of these stories, I really have to wonder: Do any of these people realize that this kind of behavior is exactly why Donald Trump won?
Update: A friend sent me the following a text stating that the role of college administrators is now riot control, policing Halloween costumes, inventing new pronouns, and recruiting sports teams. Notice how none of those relates to what should be the focus of universities, education, and that's part of the problem.

Update #2, 11/12/16:  Even blogger Joanne Jacobs, whom I surmise is not a Trump supporter at all, has this to say:
Elsewhere in the Ivy League, a Clinton supporter bragged to the Princetonian that she’d spent Wednesday morning crying in her dorm room. “I sat and sobbed and I still have the tissues all over my floor to prove it,” wrote Marni Morse, a politics major. (I think “brag” is the correct word.) Finally, she left for class, still crying, wearing her “Dare to say the F-word: Feminism” t-shirt and her “A woman belongs in the House and the Senate” sweatshirt to feel “stronger.”

This is feminism? She’s not even strong enough to pick up her tissues.


Pseudotsuga said...

I got one of these emails in my faculty email on Wednesday. Some touchy-feely faculty member reminded us all to be sensitive of the fears of immigrants and muslims in our classes. Another professor chimed in and said that he had seen some of this already, and another made sure that we watch for LGBTBBQWTF student fear also.
If I were tenured, I would have asked if those immigrant students were illegal or legal immigrants, and pointed out that if they were actually illegal, then they have every right to be afraid of prosecution. I also wanted to point out the silliness of the position: the only thing keeping back all the ravenous angry bigots (aka conservatives) for all these years was...what? Was the Magic Obama keeping these people in their cages, and then suddenly overnight Trump let them out?
of course, all these 'attacks' come from the leftist media screaming, in their zeal to virtue signal and drum up support for lefty ideology.

Ellen K said...

Probably the most egregious and wrongheaded incident occurred in Dallas at my alma mater, SMU.
They had invited the 14 year old daughter of one of the police officers killed in the attack on police in Dallas this past summer, to give the first serve in the Volleyball game. The girl plays volleyball and it was a way of reaching out. An anonymous "someone" who has still not been named, uninvited the girl saying:
“Hello again Heidi,

I regret to inform you that we will not be able to go through with the honorary first serve. In the switch between staff members and the handling of volleyball promotions, some information was not forwarded on correctly from (name omitted) to myself and I deeply apologize for that.

The volleyball program was not correctly informed that this would be taking place at the game, and feels that in light of recent events and diversity within the SMU community, that the demonstration could be deemed insensitive.

However, the coaching staff would like to still do something for Victoria and the team. They are invited to stay after the game for an autograph session with the players, if you would like.

Again, they apologize for the inconvenience and late notice, especially in regards to the sensitivity of this matter.

I do hope that you all will still join us on Saturday. If you would like to discuss this further, you can reach me at (name and # omitted).”

I'm an educated woman, and so is the mother of this child. I know that SMU community has become very liberal. They tried (and failed thanks to alums like me) to reject the Bush Presidential Library. This is what is known as a chickenshit move. They were concerned that with the daughter of the slain officer there, the volleyball players who were planning to be all radical and such and take a knee would be publicly shamed (as they should be!). I am ashamed of my university and frankly I applaud the Mom for refusing to accept lukewarm apologies and half-assed actions as fair. This type of crap more than anything else is what has driven people to reject the Democrats. Here's links to the story if you haven't read it: