Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Logical Route to Vulcan

Having just gotten back from my cruise to the Mexican Riviera I'm now working on the rest of my NAFTA tour--planning the most logical route to Vulcan, Alberta, Canada, for next week.  Why Vulcan, you ask?  Why, indeed?

So I broke out the road atlas and considered a few different routes.  I finally settled on one that takes me on the most horrid stretch of real estate in the US, I-80 across north-central Nevada.  From home I'll follow 80 east to Wells, NV, and take US-93 north to Twin Falls, ID.  At Twin Falls, I'll take I-84 east to Pocatello, where I'll pick up I-15 North through Idaho and Montana to the Canadian border. I chose this route because it looks like that will be the easiest across mountains.  And why, you might ask, is that important?

I'll be towing my trailer (see a pic of it here), which means I'm pretty much limited to 55 mph; that'll be 24 hours of driving.  If I leave the morning of the 5th I should have plenty of time to enjoy the trip and get to Vulcan in time for registration on the 8th.  I might also score a good camping spot there (first come, first served) before others show up.

Having determined what *I* think is the best route, I thought I'd give Google Maps a try.  It plotted the exact same route.

I'll come home via Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, and I-5.  Should be a great trip.


BB-Idaho said...

That is some lonesome country. I-15, for whatever reason, has pretty
thin traffic. Hard to believe you can do that in only 24 hrs. But it
sure does sound fun.

Darren said...

It's 24 hours of *driving*, which I'll accomplish over 2-3 days.