Saturday, December 05, 2015

This Is What They Admit To

Notice how much of your dues money goes to activities other than what the union is supposed to be for--collective bargaining of pay, benefits, and working conditions.  A full 2/3 of the money NEA gets is spent on non-related activities.  This is why I'm an agency fee payer of the unions and a full member of the California Teachers Empowerment Network and the Association of American Educators.


Curmudgeon said...

VT agency fee is roughly 85% of the Active member fee. I support the idea of a Union, but its political action rankles.

Darren said...

I support voluntary union membership; that way, unions have a stake in actually representing the will of their members. In so-called fair share states like California, the union is entitled to my money as a condition of my employment. They have no reason to care at all what I want.

That must change.

Anonymous said...

I am strongly opposed to all public-sector unions, because they are fundamentally and inescapably a corrupt relationship between the unions and politicians. In return for union support (which is huge, both in terms of money and in boots on the ground during campaigns), politicians give the unions what they want. The taxpayers are stuck with the bills, even though they have no seat at the table, since politicians can't get elected without union support.