Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Genius That Strikes Right Before Going To Bed

Stay with me if you can.  I'm going to make you privy to the kind of planning that pegs me as an experienced teacher.  Prepare to be impressed.

1.  I don't have anything to take for lunch tomorrow.
2.  There's a rally right before lunch tomorrow.
3.  I don't have to work at the rally.
4.  I can go try our new (this school year) Chinese take-out-type food at the cafeteria for lunch tomorrow.
5.  Go right before the rally ends--no line.



PeggyU said...

You know what they say: "The early bird gets the worm!" :) You should probably check your food for worms, if you are going to be early.

Richard Clark said...

So, how was it? :)

Darren said...

It wasn't bad--for $3.75 :-)

Ellen K said...

I don't know if they have QuikTrip out in Cali, but I've made a few stops for lunch there. It's cheap and surprisingly good. Plus during September they gave teachers a free drink every day.