Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Technology And Cheating

It's amazing what smartwatches can do these days:
One of Japan's top educational institutions has banned all watches from entrance exams in an effort to limit options for cheats.

The move by Kyoto University reflects a growing concern that smartwatches could be used by dishonest examinees to access forbidden information, the Wall Street Journal reported. However, the university has decided to issue a blanket ban on all wristwatches as it's not always easy to tell at a glance if someone's watch is old-school or smart.

While the university is thought to be the first in Japan to announce such a ban, several others around the world are known to have made a similar move in recent months as smartwatches show up on an increasing number of wrists.

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Ellen K said...

I actually asked about this during training for PSAT's. We have a large Asian population and many of those students get technology items years before they are available here. It's not out of the question that they would have and use this for cheating. Ditto Google Glasses.