Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Earnest, Unmarried, Middle-aged, White, Liberal, Multiple Cat-owning Teachers"

The anger in this post is justified.  Hyperbolic, yes, but justified.
Merry Christmas, and if you don’t like it you can stuff it in a stocking. This is the time of year when terrified souls offer up the ubiquitously bland “Happy Holidays” in order to avoid pointing out that what we are celebrating are different religious observances. Naturally, we must suppress any such hint of the fact that we are doing so in the name of diversity.

Ah diversity, the last refuge of the fascist. Remember, like everything else leftists yap about, “diversity” is a lie. When they use the word, it means the ruthless imposition of grim, lockstep, staggeringly boring conformity. When we are all the same shade of pale gray, bereft of unique ideas, traditions, and spirituality, it’s much easier to lead us into the socialist Utopia they yearn to rule.


Anonymous said...

So I'm a 'terrified soul' if I say 'happy holidays'? This guy needs some serious help with his anger management.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday


Anonymous said...

Political correctness is ruining our country. People are being way to sensitive. I have the right to say Merry Christmas and I don't mind if people say happy Hanukah or kwanza.

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