Sunday, July 12, 2015


Time is a big deal in the London area.  Has been for centuries, since Britannia ruled the waves, and still is.

There's Big Ben in the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster:
(If that video is too blurry, try this one:)

There are the Harrison timepieces at Greenwich:

(If you don't know why the Harrison timepieces are so important to history, go read this book now.)

The time ball at Greenwich:


Auntie Ann said...

My nephew (13 years) did a big report on clocks in 4th grade, and learned a lot about the Harrison clocks. He then did a biography project on Harrison. A couple of weeks ago, he got to go to Greenwich and see them in person. He loved it. Here's a pic of him with H1:


Darren said...

I was there a couple of weeks ago, too!

Darren said...

Nice picture--have you seen the A&E biography on Harrison? It's based pretty closely on the Sobel book, which the addition of some more modern information.