Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bad Idea Dropped

It was a bad idea anyway, even if you don't consider the probability of political machinations and interference:
Nearly two years ago, President Obama proposed a federal system to rate the nation's colleges and universities, one that would provide families with an objective and unified tool to compare schools and for taxpayers to determine whether the massive investments in scholarships and other government spending on higher education are worthwhile.

The idea, however, was met with protests and concerns from college leaders who contended that it was misconceived and could unfairly pit schools against each other.
After repeated delays and many consultations with skeptical college leaders, the ratings system was recently scrapped.
White House officials say that pushback from the higher education industry and congressional Republicans did not lead to the retreat. Instead, they say they could not develop a ratings system that worked well enough to help high school seniors, parents and counselors.

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Pseudotsuga said...

My mind boggles that any idiot would even think that this was possible to do, with taxpayer dollars to boot. People have often pointed out the problems with other rankings (like the U. S News and World Report rankings, for instance), yet Obama thought that he could make it work correctly?
Then again, these are the same people who zealously believe that maybe Communism killed all those people in many countries because it was incorrectly done, but we can get it right this time!