Friday, January 30, 2015

Geniuses In The Socialist Utopia

Some people are idiots, even in the socialist utopia of Vermont:
An eighth-grade Vermont girl studying Latin thought it would be nice if her state had a Latin motto. She wrote to Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning, who introduced a bill proposing “Stella quarta decima fulgeat,” (“May the 14th star shine bright”) in addition to the state’s English motto, “Freedom and Unity,” writes John Walters in the Vermont Political Observer. Vermont was the 14th state to join the Union.

It seemed like a “nice, harmless” thing, writes Walter. Then, all hell broke loose.


Ellen K said...

If anything sinks a conservative or liberal cause, it is well meaning idiots who really don't understand what's going on. We have our own well meaning idiots who spew nonsense and end up making real conservative ideals look rank. Liberals have those sorts as well. Sadly this just proves that Jefferson was correct in regards to having only the educated vote. That being said, I don't think I could live in a nation run by Ivory Tower scholars and lawyers.....oh wait.....I do.

PS. Probably the folks complaining confused LATIN with LATINO-two totally different things.

maxutils said...

Oh, dear. I DO understand the augment about wasting time … and conceivably there could be some added expense if it were adopted as more than a symbolic gesture … but …are there really that many people who a) con't know what Latin is and b) aren't familiar with an of the Latin phrases already use b the government?

Eric said...

There are subject in this world that I am ignorant in (such as much of the math work you are doing in your Master's classes) but something as basic as this? My reaction is just...well I am dumfounded by the comments.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the pretty conservative opinions on immigration espoused by said residents of the socialist/greenie republic of VT.

maxutils said...

This happen on my FB page: someone shared this story, with a less good write up, which is cool … EXCEPT It led with a headline mocking the Tea Party for being ignorant. Which is super-awesome, given that it was a resolution brought to the floor by a Republican (in Vermont--yes, there are a few) and that the negative response was not Republican or Tea Party generated; it was just random yokels of no particular pa try affiliation. But … there was a very long series of memes and comments mocking the Tea Party for being stupid, and racist. It was actually more sad than the original story. They have been corrected -- at least on my page -- and I politely requested that if they didn't have time to read the story past the headline, they should please never vote again -- ever.