Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Have Nothing Interesting To Post Today

Based on last Friday's post you might imagine that things have been "interesting" at school the last couple days, and they're expected to be just as "interesting" tomorrow.  It's dying down, but not soon enough for my taste--and the newsvultures with their vans parked out in front of school aren't helping any.  I didn't take their pictures today, as the vans weren't rather plain-looking (white, rather than colorful, even though the same station was represented in today's parade-of-fools of news vans).

I did a little interior redecorating here at Casa del Darren after I got home, and now it's time to try to understand my homework again. 

I think I'll sleep deeply tonight!

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PeggyU said...

When I was in high school (way back in the 70's) the small community we lived in was the location of a bizarre news story that got national attention. What you have described sounds just like that: a media feeding frenzy. My dad kept getting phone calls from the Enquirer, of all things. Reporters would show up on our doorstep or call outside of "decent" hours. Fortunately, sensationalism is fairly short-lived!