Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Too Many School Officials Are Idiots

Is there something threatening about posting your concealed-carry license on Facebook?  Or about being a soldier?  To wimps in the school system, there is:
The Richmond County, Georgia, school system has agreed to pay $1,000 and legal expenses to a mother who was barred from her child's elementary school after she posted a photo of her state weapon carry license on Facebook. Police gave Tanya Mount a criminal trespass warning after she tried to visit the school. She says they questioned her not only about her carry permit but about the fact she is in the Army.
Idiocy like this will stop only when there is a penalty associated with it.


maxutils said...

As much as I want to agree with you? Why is she posing that on Facebook? If I know her well enough to care, I already know she has one, and if I don't it's more chaff on my FB page. And, why do we issue concealed carry permits to people who are not smart enough to block access to their pages? And, on your side, why are school officials spending time searching FB pages?

Darren said...

SHE did nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong with getting a CCW permit, and nothing wrong with posting it on her Facebook page.

Ah, you say, but now the bad guys know she has one? I reply that bad guys *probably* aren't checking her Facebook page before attacking her, and she's showing it off to her friends and family.

She can post whatever the heck she wants on her page. Absent a direct threat to the school, the school has no business worrying about what's on her page.

The school officials are the ONLY ones who did anything wrong in this story, and I wonder if you post such comments solely to be contrary.

allen (in Michigan) said...

The reason too many school officials are idiots is because there's no reason for them not to be. Whoever the dope is who precipitated the response on the part of the school district might be of one thing you can be certain and that's that there were no negative consequences.

maxutils said...

Darren, I didn't say she did anything wrong. She clearly did not. My question was, why did she bother? In the same sense that i wonder why people post pictures of the sandwich they ate today. It's clutter ... and yes, it's her page, but if I'm her friend it gunks up my feed. I wasn't trying to be contrary ... I just question the merit of that post. And, had she not done so, she wouldn't be facing a bureaucratic hassle in which she will prevail ... everything else, yes, you're spot on. And I didn't say now the bad guys know she has one, because that would be a completely insipid argument. But now that you mention it ... no of course the bad guys aren't checking. And even if they did, there's no direct lead to her address. as to her friends and family ... did you see that sentence where I wrote "If I know her well enough to care, I already know she has one..."? It's redundant. Of course she can do it, but WHY?

Allen- the reason why too many school officials are idiots is actually because they tried to be teachers and couldn't hack it.