Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Staff Potluck Today

After a few hours of forearm-slicingly painful staff development this morning, or staff got around to one of the things we do best--eating!  Our powwow ended at 11, and an announcement was made that we'd start the lunch at 11:30.  Time to prepare!

Our campus is very spread out (ranch-style, as with so many schools in California) and we have 3 staff lounges.  I headed over to the one near my classroom, broke out my Pizza Bites, and popped them in the microwave.  Others there started preparing their foods.

The first break in the dike was when we opened one lady's bag of Hawaiian chips and started snacking.  When my pizza bites were done we started snacking on those, finishing them off!  Another lady was slicing fruit, and dipping that fruit in cream was delicious!  And that super-spicy topping on the brie....

It was a "pre-luncheon", and no one noticed as we took our partially-eaten food over to the library to co-mingle it with everyone else's (which also may have been partially-eaten, for all I know!).

I'm still stuffed :-)  Yesterday was our last day with students, lunch together was a nice way to end the school year.

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maxutils said...

The thing about school potlucks ... always fun, but preparation is key. I would shoot myself in the face before I would bring something that I picked up at a grocery store, or required a microwave beyond re-heating ... which means, the way to go is something cold, or something cooked which can be served room temp. I would be totally happy with a line of different salads ... but fresh is always better.
What's important is how much thought you put in to your offering. Glad it was good.