Monday, June 16, 2014

Since I've Been Gone

It's been over a week since I've heard any news of the outside world.  I get back to the land of the fast internet and what do I find that I missed?

1)  Iraq, the war touted in 2010 as an Obama success story, is crumbling with shades of 1975 Saigon.
2)  The IRS doesn't have 2 years' worth of Lois Lerner's emails?  Really?
3)  Hillary Clinton beclowns herself.

If ours were a banana republic we'd be laughing at the absurdity of its ruling class.  Sadly, though, this is serious.

I'm home :-)


maxutils said...

1) When did we declare Iraq an Obama success story? That whole region has gone to crap ... and part of that is the Bushes' fault for not finishing the job demonstrably, but we haven't won anything there.

2) Of course they have the emails ... I suspect they deleted them, as I'm sure most do, and if they did, Obama gets impeached. Period. (As Obama would say). There still have to be records of them ... I couldn't find them, but I'm sure any decent computer forensics expert could.

3) this is my favorite. Hillary says we were dead broke ... scraping money together money to pay for mortgageS (plural) and to send Chelsea to Stanford? Because she and Bill hadn't received their multi-million dollar book advances yet? She left out "Let them eat cake," but that's just about the only thing she missed ...

allen (in Michigan) said...

Good thing you got back when you did. No telling how much worse things would have gotten if you'd been away for another couple of days....

Mike Thiac said...

Darren, it's settled, never go on vacation with Austin again. The world may never survive again! :<)

allen (in Michigan) said...

1) Oh come on max. At this juncture Obama owns the Iraq situation. He's had better then six years to help prepare Iraq for the inevitable and all he's done is fulfill the wishes of every irresponsible lefty who keeps shouting "no WMD's".

2) You are right about the e-mails though and, I suspect strongly, about the reason for deleting them - Obama's fingerprints are all over the IRS pursuit of Tea Party organizations and the e-mails would show that. Whether that would lead to impeachment isn't all that certain.

The left's pretty comfortable with authoritarianism due to their ability to reject the possibility that the abuses of power they desire to exercise could be turned on them. So they'd defend Obama's abuses as defending against the hideous danger posed by the Tea Party movement.

3) My fave as well. I could hardly believe Hillary was dumb enough to think that lie would fly so perhaps this lends credence to Carl Roves speculations about the seriousness of Hillary's head injury.

maxutils said...

allen 1) yes, he does own it now. My only point was, I wish the Bushes had been more decisive, so it wouldn't even be an issue.

3) I don't think she's lying. That would imply a conscious choice to deceive. I actually believe that she thinks having to scrape together 50k/yr, or whatever Stanford costs, plus barely covering mortgages on 6 houses (which I'm guessing are not small ones) means broke ... and that the rest of us could relate to that. I actually WISH she were lying ... because that might make more sense. I'd agree with you about the head injury, except that this is not new for her.