Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Liberty Island's Conservative Fiction

I like what I see so far:
What is this conservative fiction, you ask? The most obvious answer is: anything that upsets the dainty, the easily offended, and the politically correct is something you'll find on Liberty Island. If the perpetually aggrieved feminist points her finger and tells us to "check our privilege" … that just means we're doing our job...

What the heck is "conservative fiction"?
Conservative fiction is not fiction that promotes a partisan ideology, agenda, or electoral outcome. Nor is it a genre unto itself. Rather it is a set of values that underlie the work we aim to publish across multiple genres. These basic tenets include a fundamental belief in American values and exceptionalism, a willingness to take on liberal taboos and flout political correctness, and an understanding that individual liberty is the paramount human right.

Oh, so this is a right wing plot.
Liberty Island's founders are conservatives but it is by no means a partisan enterprise. Nor do we apply a litmus test to members. Liberty Island's community is made up of self-described conservative, libertarian or independent writers and artists. Their views range widely from hardcore libertarian to religious conservative, and everything in between. Seek not here for any kind of ideological conformity. There are plenty of other sites for true believers.

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allen (in Michigan) said...

I wonder if this is a reaction to the take-over of the Hugo? Nebula? awards by a lefty group?