Saturday, June 07, 2014

Even The President Knows He's Failed

According to Politico, Obama’s Italian dinner party illustrates the paradox of his second term. “Stymied at home and abroad, Obama recognizes that he is less in control of the Washington agenda than ever in his presidency,” write Budoff Brown and Epstein. “Yet his newfound realism has also given him a palpable sense of liberation.” I find nothing paradoxical about Obama’s recent pattern of behavior, nothing mysterious about the golfing, partying, traveling. It is quite obvious: Obama has given up.

He knows that his agenda is now limited to executive orders and bureaucratic regulation, and that even these measures are likely to be in the courts for years. He knows that his foreign policy agenda of engagement with the enemies of America will prove controversial and unpopular. He knows his staff has been ducking-and-covering ever since Lois Lerner announced the IRS had targeted Tea Party groups, and that they have been playing defense through Edward Snowden and Syria and and Crimea and the VA and now Bowe Bergdahl. He knows there is a chance that the Republicans will control Congress next January, and he has said, according to Politico, that this “would make his last two years in office unbearable.”

Obama, Politico says, is “giving more thought to his post-presidency than his aides like to suggest.” But there is nothing really for Obama to think about. His ambitions in this office, just like his ambitions at Harvard, in New York, in Chicago, and in the Senate, are now exhausted. America has disappointed him, and it is time to look to the next challenge worthy of Barack Obama. His post-presidency has already begun.

It’s sad that we haven’t lived up to his rosy expectations of 2008.
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What?  You don't agree?  You think the Lightbringer is still all that and a bag of chips?  Why, he got reelected forchrissakes!  Well, Denver made it all the way to the Superbowl last season, and I don't hear anyone trying to make excuses for that debacle.  Want to see how bad President Obama is?  Watch this highlight video--Obama is Denver.


PeggyU said...

Well now that comparison just adds insult to injury. No need to kick Denver while they're down!

maxutils said...

Any chance to kick Denver is a good chance. I'd probably vote for Obama over Denver. ;)

maxutils said...

And I sy that only in the element of friendly sportsmanship ... but being a fan of the Red Wings, Raiders, and Giants ... Denver is not my favorite place.

PeggyU said...

Hey, I live in Washington, so it's Seahawks all the way. However, that was just a humiliating defeat ... couldn't help but feel for them just a little. It didn't keep us from rubbing it in to my brother- and sister-in-law in Denver, though!

I prefer baseball. Yeah, even when it's the Mariners.

allen (in Michigan) said...

The most emotionally-immature president since FDR is coming to terms with the unappetizing fact that his assumptions of brilliance aren't validated by the big, wide world out there. I'd say boo-jiggedy hoo but the incompetence that results from letting your belief that you're a cartoon superhero guide your policy decisions effects us all and that deserves a rather more forceful denunciation.

Unfortunately, he is the president and will remain so for the next two and a half years so is in a position to continue to do mischief and indulge his ego without much restraint. Fortunately the public's unhappiness with Republican seems to have, at least temporarily, reacquainted the electorate with the results of voting your disappointment rather then your hopes so he's no longer in a position to make use of the legislative branch.

Hopefully the left will lose control of the Senate in November which will make Obama's last two years more bearable.