Thursday, May 29, 2014

Universities, the Administration, and Sex Crimes

It's hard to argue with this lady:
Rape is a horrific crime one wishes could be wiped  from the face of the world. If there is a way to prevent rape, by all means we should be discussing it and acting on solutions.

That said, what’s horrible about Vice President Biden’s statement is that it’s so cravenly political in its calculation, and worse, insulting.

Reading the report, you discover the administration has no real interest in even discussing what could be done to prevent rape.  That’s right, the entire effort is focused on managing what comes after a rape.  I don’t know about you, but what I’d much prefer is not being raped.  While I’d want justice and removal of the thug from the street, what I’d really want was for it to have not happened.  Effective initiatives would reduce rapes rather than merely attempt to make the process afterwards run a little more smoothly.

Instead, we get more fear mongering by the administration that is meant to make women feel alone and afraid.  Female empowerment is the last goal of this initiative.

The Democrats continue to focus on the management of tragedy instead of creating a world with less tragedy.  The University system has not proved effective at preventing rape and likely it’s not capable of doing so. Their core competency should be education not criminal justice. Universities are proving their lack of seriousness daily about providing a classical education, yet we expect them to take a role in crime prevention?

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