Sunday, May 18, 2014

My New Biggest Problem

I bought savings bonds for my son from the time he was born up till just a couple years ago, when the feds stopped providing a paper bond and decided to go 100% digital.  For years I've had software, from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, that will calculate the present value of all those bonds.

It was always understood that these bonds would be for a graduation trip of some kind, and graduation is two weeks from tomorrow.  Grandma and grandpa are taking him diving in Hawaii and he will use this money to pay the airfare.

But there's still plenty of money left over. 

Regular readers of this blog might recall that he and I went on a cruise during our February break.  And while I was visiting the Gold Country during spring break, my son and his mother went on a cruise to Catalina and Ensenada.  Well, last night when he saw how much money he'd have left even after paying for Hawaii, he said he wanted to go on a cruise.  He wants to live it up before Basic Training.

We found a cruise.  Out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and going to several places I've never before been.

He can afford both the airfare and the cruise.  The catch is that I also have to be able to afford both the airfare and the cruise!

So that's my new biggest problem.  I have to find someone to watch the house for yet another week this summer while I jet off, at fairly high expense, to paradise.

We're going to go cash the bonds tomorrow and confirm their total value.  When the money is in hand I'll book the trip.

OK, so it's a First World Problem.


PeggyU said...

Time for a big garage sale. :D

Darren said...

And another Lonely Planet guide :)

I should be able to make this happen if I skip out on the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. I think there's going to be one in Sacramento in December and I can "get my geek on" then.