Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why Is The White House Involved In This At All?

What possible reason could the White House have for wanting to get involved in teacher preparation?  Has the concept of federalism completely disappeared?
The Obama administration announced on Friday that it put out a draft of new teacher preparation regulations this summer.

“We’re talking about new efforts that this administration is pursuing to better support our teachers and meet the urgent mission of elevating and strengthening teacher education and preparation,” White House Policy Director Cecilia Muñoz said in a call for reporters.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said too many teachers say they weren’t well prepared for teaching. “Our nation’s children pay the price,” he said.

Final regulations are expected within the next year after a comment period.
I'm amazed at the blatant ignorance of, or ignoring of, the Constitution.


Mrs. Widget said...

Because what better way to indoctrinate the next generation by making sure the instructors know the party line? "yes, comrade teacher."

maxutils said...

Or because education is clearly spelled out in the Constitution, and not left to the states?