Sunday, April 06, 2014

What Web Browser Do I Use?

I'm not someone who believes everything has to be a political act.  Politics is politics, web browsing is web browsing.  So while I'm disgusted with Mozilla's recent firing of its new CEO for holding the same opinion of traditional marriage in 2008 as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did (but not yet as "enlightened" as Dick Cheney's), I'm not going to delete Firefox and switch to another browser.

Having my internet searches tracked bothers me, though, which is why I stay away from Google.  I use Trackmenot (opinions differ on whether or not it's any good) in Firefox, and now my default search engine is Duckduckgo.  I don't think either of these is going to keep me safe from government snooping, but they might make it harder for companies to identify me specifically. 

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maxutils said...

I use whichever browser is handy. I'm sure that there is more than one executive who contributed money to pro Prop 8 (and let's be real ... in a CA statewide ballot, $1000 is a couple of lawn signs and a cup of coffee) and still have their jobs. Personally, while I voted against prop 8, making me support gay marriage ... I was against it. Not for the normal reason, though ...because government should have no interest in marriage, no matter who wants to get married. If you want to promote civil unions to promote families ... I get that. So, sure. But you do that for everyone, and if religious institutions wish to put the exclamation point on it, also cool. I married a Jewish woman. Some of the Synagogues in town would not let me marry her there ... my panties remained unbunched. Marriage remains an unenforceable contract, but I'm certainly not going to switch web-browsers because some guy doesn't like some of them.