Monday, April 28, 2014

Gotta Like Tony Blair In This One

On the argument that we created more jihadis by invading Iraq, and that by invading Iraq we took our "eyes off the prize" of al-Qaeda:
"If it were the case, for example, that the reason why they were engaged in this terrorism in Iraq was because of the presence of American troops or British troops, you would expect when we'd get out (that) the terrorism would stop.  It doesn't.  And it doesn't because it's not coming from us.  It's coming from this ideology (radical Islam) and we aren't going to defeat it until we liberate ourselves from the attitude that somehow we're the cause of it."

This video is less than 4 minutes--and very worth your time.  I like his point that the jihadis were the destabilizing element, that it was clear that the Afghan and Iraqi people wanted the free elections (democracy) and the lack of dictatorship that we'd provided and it was the jihadis who were the extreme minority.


allen (in Michigan) said...

It's not tough to see in that video why Meet the Press is in ratings dumper. David Gregory seems entirely incapable of considering that "gotcha" questions, the sort that stake out one view as superior to another, are inherently dishonest and thus will drive away viewers who don't support the viewpoint espoused in the "question". Not just those opposed to Mr. Gregory's bias but those without a strong opinion either way.

From what I've been hearing/reading this past weekend Mr. Gregory's superiors are so worried about the ratings decline of the once mighty Meet the Press that consultants have been called in to try to figure out what the can do to stem the decline. Good luck with that because, to paraphrase the great philosopher Pogo, they has met the enemy and it is them. It'll take the sort of consultants that can get Mr. Gregory and his supportive superiors to take a hard look at themselves which they, reflexively, are incapable of doing.

As lefties they've predetermined that their moral and intellectual superiority puts them beyond valid criticism so they'll look for any excuse to avoid coming to terms with the proof that they're neither. Like opponents of public education reform blame parents NBC brass will blame their audience or Mr. Gregory personally, or both, for the unappetizing result their conceits inevitably produce and the public's response to having a plate of the results shoved under our noses.

That result, a collapse of Meet the Press' ratings illuminates why lefties reflexively despise the free market. Left to ourselves we, the public, have a distressing tendency to ignore the bounties prepared for us by our self-identified superiors. How's a perfect world to be birthed if the inferior can ignore the products of their superiors?

pseudotsuga said...

Well said, Allen in MI.

maxutils said...

When did welcoming Islamic terrorism become a 'leftie' cause? I'm pretty sure that liberals dislike being killed by terrorists about as much as conservatives do. I agree with Blair ... but I'm not sure he 'schooled' Gregory ... I think Gregory gave him a platform to answer his question, and actually let him finish it. That might be naive ...but so be it.