Sunday, April 20, 2014

Female Vocalist CD

I never did get around to making a "summer music" CD last year, but oh well, I'm on to a new project.  I'd like to make a "women vocalists" CD, and here are the songs I'm tentatively considering:

10000 Maniacs--These Are Days
Adele--Set Fire to the Rain
Tracy Chapman--Change

Any recommendations in a similar vein?

Update, 5/2/14:  I think this is the final list:
10000 Maniacs--These Are Days
Adele--Set Fire to the Rain
Tracy Chapman--Change
Martika--Toy Soldiers
4 Non Blondes--What's Up
Heather Small--Proud
Til Tuesday--Voices Carry
Sarah McLachlan--(In The Arms of the) Angel
The Motels--Suddenly Last Summer
Concrete Blonde--Joey
The Sundays--Summertime
Roxette--It Must Have Been Love
Mazzy Star-Fade Into You

Thank you for all the input!

Update, #2, July 22:  I have a couple of these songs together on another mix cd.  If space is a consideration I may replace either 10000 Maniacs or Tracy Chapman with Wilson Phillips' Hold On.


maxutils said...

There are. But first is to not put Zombie on ...that song is like having teeth pulled. But for positive suggestions, Rhianon is a must. I would also encourage you to seek out "Beautiful" in any form by Storm Large; the original is on the Storm inc. CD Also anything Robin Coomer has done. If you want samples, being hard to find, I will happily oblige. Another, Anchorage by Michelle Shocked. Or, really anything by her. But Anchorage would be my first pick.

Mike Thiac said...

You don't have any the top of my head are "You better run", "Heartbreaker", "Too long a soldiers" (we can both relate :<) ) and "I'm gonna follow you"

Heart "Crazy on you", "These dreams" and "Wild Animals"

Martika: "Toy Soldiers"

Sheryl Crow "My greatest mistkae" and "If it makes you happy"

Adele: "Skyfall"

Steve USMA '85 said...

Stevie Nicks - either Stand Back or Edge of Seventeen
4 Non Blondes - What's Up
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Darren said...

I had Heart's Alone, my favorite of their songs, but it didn't seem to "match". I'm not sure about their other songs, even though they're the top dogs of women rockers.

Stevie, being my favorite, has plenty of possibilities. Not sure which of hers I'd choose, to be honest. What's Up by 4 Non Blondes is a great idea.

Toy Soldiers is an interesting suggestion. What about 99 Luftballoons by Nina? :-)

maxutils said...

What's Up is a must. Alone ... would fit, although any Heart would go ... Crazy On You? Barracuda? 99 Luftbaloons would work as well. Heartbreaker for sure .. In Storm Large's stage rants, she claims that's the song that saved her life.

socalmike said...

Natalie Merchant - More Than This
Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon.
Fiona Apple - Criminal
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Ricky Lee Jones
Sarah McLachlan
Cranberries - Linger
How about Karen Carpenter?

maxutils said...

socalmike ... good call on the concrete blonde ... but i'll toss in Dance Along the Edge, Ghost of a Texas Lady's Man, or their cover of Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows..

Mike Thiac said...

"99 Luftbaloons" is good, also from Garbage "I'm only happy when it rains"

maxutils said...

And if you do do a summer music CD ... it needs to lead off with "American Girl" by Tom Petty.

Darren said...

I think I'll replace Zombie with Linger by the Cranberries. I like them both, but the latter would be a better fit with the other songs.

When I saw Tom Petty in '81, he opened the concert with American Girl.

maxutils said...

Mike Thiac ... Second On only Happy when It Rains ... Metallica did an excellent acoustic cover of that, btw. Petty NEVER disappoints ...I wish I'd been allowed to go to concerts in '81. But ... when I saw Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, he let his sound man sing American Girl as the encore ... Shockingly good.

maxutils said...

Oooh ... No one's brought it up ... Either Sinead O'connor covering Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U" or Mandinka.

Mike Thiac said...

Max, thanks, I'll try and check out the Matallica cover.

Darren said...

I think I can also add Try by Pink, and as for Pat Benatar, perhaps Looking For A Stranger.

Darren said...

And Sarah McLaughlan's Adia.

Darren said...

And how could I forget What Have You Done Today by Heather Small?

Such inspirational lyrics!

Anonymous said...

I like Imelda May ("Inside Out" or "Knock 123") and Sharon Jones ("100 Days, 100 Nights").

maxutils said...

Obscure, but I would be derelict of duty if I dindn't suggest it. Also, Janis Joplin, Ball and Chain.
But here you go...

Steve USMA '85 said...

Darren, just made a Rhapsody playlist with these songs. Look forward to trying it out.

Note: Its Sarah McLachlan, drop the 'ug' and replace with a 'c' and the name of the song is "Angel", not In the Arms of the Angel. That is just the main chorus lyric that sticks in one's head.

Also, it is "The Sundays" not just Sundays.

If others are going to make a playlist like I did, makes finding the track easier using the correct names.