Saturday, April 26, 2014

Didn't Some Smart Guy Once Say Something About Judging People Not By The Color of Their Skin, But On The Content of Their Character?

If we followed that smart guy's advice we'd talk about what a lousy president Barack Obama is, instead of sputum like this:
A bill that passed the Assembly with unanimous bipartisan support Thursday encourages California schools to teach students about the racial significance of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The Assembly approved AB1912 with a 71-0 vote and no debate or discussion. It now heads to the state Senate.

The bill by Assemblyman Chris Holden, D-Pasadena, asks state education officials to include Obama’s election in history and social studies standards laying out what students are expected to learn.

High school history students already learn about recent presidents. But Holden says lessons about Obama also should focus on what his election meant for racial equality and civil rights.
Are black Americans better off today than they were 5+ years ago, when President Obama took office?  Are race relations better today than they were 5+ years ago, when President Obama took office?  How are those civil rights coming along, NSA?

This is pure political claptrap.  This is California.

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Anonymous said...

So.. this bill wants us (the California high school students) to judge our president's performance or character based solely off of the color of his skin? Doesn't that go against everything we have ever been taught; have we not always been taught not to judge on outward appearance? What does appearance have to do with job approval ratings, the economy, or, God forbid, the situations in Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, etc? I'm not following the logic here, much less the logic of the 71 people who voted for it without discussing.