Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A Tale of Two...Well, It Ain't Cities

Both of these stories deal with words that rhyme with "cities".

The first:
Some middle school students in Indiana are being punished for getting a peek at their teacher’s bare chest on a school-issued iPad.

A group of students at Highland Middle School were playing with the iPad during a lesson when the topless picture popped up on the screen, according to affiliate WRTV.

It’s believed that the teacher accidentally synched her personal iPhone with the iPad, transferring the scandalous photo.
The second:
A 79-year-old substitute teacher in New Hampshire is leaving her longtime job after a dispute with school administrators over Facebook.

According to CNN affiliate WMUR, Carol Thebarge has been working as a substitute teacher in Claremont, New Hampshire, for the past 35 years, but when school administrators at Stevens High School told her she had to choose between her job and being "friends" with her students on Facebook, she chose her students.
To be fair, the rhyming word for the second one is plural.  There's only one old lady in the story.  The pun fails.  The fun pales.  Something.

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maxutils said...

I couldn't believe the first part , so I actually read the article ... 'topless', at least according to the police, is an exaggeration ... it sounds like a shot with some cleavage. Doesn't change my opinion, though ... not the kid's fault; slap the teacher on the wrist for making a mistake. As to student friends on FB ... my policy is never when they are still at the school where I could still potentially have them. I have made one exception to that. One. They can email me, but FB is not an appropriate forum in general, for students. More curious in the second story is ... how did the district know? Does the teacher not know about privacy settings?