Sunday, February 02, 2014

Worst NFL Team in the Super Bowl Award

Let's say that, in order to qualify for this ignominy, a team has to have had at least 2 Super Bowl appearances.  My top 3 contenders for the award:

Denver Broncos.  Yes, they've won 2 Super Bowls, but they've lost 5, including two of the worst beatdowns, both against NFC West teams--San Francisco, 55-10, the worst rout in Super Bowl history, in January 1990, and Seattle, 43-8, today.  Those two games are two of the Super Bowl's 4 worst games in terms of point differential.

Buffalo Bills.  They went to 4 consecutive Super Bowls in 1991-1994 and lost them all.  The third of those, against Dallas, ties today's game with Denver for the worst point differential in a game.

Minnesota Vikings.  Been 4 times, lost them all by at least 10 points.

Feel free to vote for one of these teams, or choose your own.


maxutils said...

I vote Denver ... Minnesota is a close second. 3 of 4 Bills losses were relatively close. BUT The worst performance I've ever seen in a super bowl was the '86 Patriots against the Bears ... I know they've redeemed themselves somewhat since, but that was even more horrible today. I was at least holing out hope for the Broncos until the 4th quarter. And, the wrong guy got the MVP ... how can you NOT give it to Percy Harvin?

maxutils said...

Was reminded later this evening that I had forgotten the other one ... Raiders -Bucs. 2nd time the Raiders got blown out, mitigated only by the fact that I didn't win the Raiders' season ticket lottery, and therefore didn't have to spend $400/ticket to go see it live ...

KauaiMark said...

I vote Denver. You could see it as a sign the first play yesterday. Touch-back? really?

No excuses.