Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Stops--Nassau

Our last stop was Nassau, capital of the Bahamas.  The area in the immediate vicinity of the dock was certainly nice, and they enforced the rules a bit too rigidly at Atlantis (if you're not staying there or gambling there, it's not worth your time to go see the place; we couldn't get near the water park).

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Norwegian Getaway and Disney Dream.

How cool is that uniform?

The pirate museum.

Holy hedonism, Batman!

I love the pastel colors.

If anyone knows where I can store and link to (at no cost!) a 1.7GB video of our leaving the dock, please let me know.  It's relaxing to watch :-)

Update, 2/28/14Let's try Google Drive for that video :-)


Anonymous said...

Try Google Drive for your Video.

Mike Thiac said... offers 5 gigs of free cloud space