Friday, February 28, 2014

Smart Diplomacy

Given recent events in Ukraine and Russia, I thought it might be a good idea to remind our friends on the left that a sarcastic turn of phrase doesn't always indicate intelligence or correctness:

I'm serious here.  The president is an idiot, he's way out of his league, and he's the poster child for exactly why affirmative action is a bad idea.  He also demonstrates why voting for someone based on how "cool" he seems is not always a great idea.  You can mock Romney's geek factor all day, but he was right and Obama was wrong.

Here's someone else who's looking prescient today.

Update, 3/2/14:  Here are some liberal tweets from the last election that reinforce my comments both above and below the video.

Update, 3/3/14:  Here's more commentary, including (correctly) pointing out the lapdog press.


allen (in Michigan) said...

Keep the picture of "spoiled kid" in mind.

A spoiled little snot of a kid might tease a dog through a fence comfortable in the knowledge that there are no repercussions for teasing that dog. But put the same kid on the other side of the fence and they suddenly become very cautious and distinctly uncomfortable.

Lefties are like that.

They'll exercise, and abuse, power in the domestic arena because they know there are rules that protect them from the consequences of their abuse and rules that allow them to impose their views on others. There's a fence.

But in foreign affairs there are no rules, your opponent can do whatever they feel like doing and you can't send the FBI to harass them. You can't send the attorney general to arrest them on trumped up charges.

You're not free of the consequences of your actions and fear of those consequences makes it difficult to act in a manner that prevents even more serious consequences.

Jean said...

The Russian bear is never that safe, even if the Cold War is over. Putin is a complete thug and a scary dude.