Monday, February 10, 2014

Melange Post

Conservatives are good people.

Under Obamacare, less work is actually good!  If having fewer people working is so great, why does the president periodically "pivot" to jobs and the economy?  Newspeak is alive and well amongst our (stingy) friends on the left.

Suspensions at schools in Sacramento County:
Schools in the Sacramento region suspended about 17,000 middle and high school students last year - about one of every 10 pupils, new state data show.

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maxutils said...

I will continue to agree with you that Obamacare is horribly written, disincentivises work at it's peril and is inevitably doomed ... hopefully sooner than later. As to your other two points? The blog post you cited really isn't fair, because a) the people surveyed did not indicate whether or not they were liberal or conservative ... It's not an unreasonable assumption that they lean left, but it's not stated ... and as to the charitable donations? People who have more money are absolutely more likely to contribute to charity, because for them, it's a straight write off. The poor and middle class ... until you get past the standard deduction, it is beneficial only in terms of ACTUAL charity.

With regard to the black student suspension issue ...I think this is a non-issue. I would wager that the schools that suspend more black students, also have more black students. If you want to raise my hackles, show me that black students get suspended for the same behavior that others don't, or show me that white students are being given a pass for behavior that others aren't. If you can do that, I'm on it ...If you can't, then where is the problem?

Darren said...

There was a link in the link that talked about suspending black students. The link I sent, with graphic included, showed only "suspensions" without regard to race.

maxutils said...

That is correct ... but I read the whole thing.

Jerry Doctor said...

These students will no longer be listed as "suspended." Instead, they have been allowed to escape "school lock." They will have extra time they can use to socialize, pursue their passions, interact with family members, and "pursue happiness." It's a GOOD thing.