Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day Parade

My son marched in today's Veterans Day Parade in nearby Folsom (home of the prison).  He carried the US flag, an honor which was not missed by his dad :-)

So many organizations marched in the parade, but one of the most interesting to me was the local Sikh organization.  There's a large Sikh population and temple about 45 minutes from here so Sikhs and their characteristic turbans are non unknown in these parts.  In this parade, though, the way they honored veterans was unique; in addition to their float they handed out two different things.  The one which no doubt brought them much appreciation was their handing out of small bottles of water to parade-watchers along the route; let me just add that it was a nice sunny day today!  The other thing they handed out was this flier:
I thought it well done.

Happy Veterans Day.

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Jean said...

What a great informative flyer. Sikhs IME are excellent community members, and there have been Sikhs in Yuba City for over 100 years.