Saturday, November 23, 2013

Too Much Government

Good idea or not, why would anyone need or want government to make this type of decision?
In Vancouver, the humble doorknob is being phased out. Kind of. Effective in March, new housing will be required to install levers on doors and faucets, instead of the good-ol' round knobs of our forefathers.
If you want a handle, have handles installed in your house.  This is the very definition of nanny state.


Elaine said...

With a toddler in the house, I prefer knobs. The baby can open doors with levers - but not with knobs.

It's bad enough I get company in the bathroom... I don't want her escaping outside, or having to fight that battle yet!

allen (in Michigan) said...

You display your conservative narrow mindedness in questioning a decision that'll bring an end to the wave of doornob-related tragedies that have haunted Vancouver.

These brutal engines of destruction have no place in a civilized society!

Canada must get rid of the knobs that threat the nation's future!